More than 80% of Docs Don’t Sell at Top-Tier U.S. Film Festivals

April 2022

“Film Festival Accountability” Conversation Recap

March 2022

Panel discussion with Orwa Nyrabia, Jemma Desai and Chris Boeckmann

December 2021

Roundtable with Latinx Directors Cecilia Aldarondo, Michèle Stephenson and Rodrigo Reyes

April 2021

Distribution Advocates is proud to partner with like-minded allies to generate conversations about new and diverse structures of distribution and…

March 2021

This week, Distribution Advocates member Abby Sun wrote about film festival reporting and reviewing in Woche der Kritik, the magazine of Berlin Critics…

February 2021

[Join us for a Clubhouse conversation Sunday Feb 28, 10a PT / 1p ET] American film exhibition can feel stuck in two choices - expensive movie theaters…

December 2020

Reprinted from metafilm

October 2020

Distribution Advocates had the privilege of forming a working group as part of the International Documentary Association’s GETTING REAL biennial…

September 2020

This is a working document intended as a tool for independent filmmakers to parse distribution offers and negotiate licenses from a position of power.

February 2020

by Amy Hobby. In 2019 at Sundance, Karin Chien and I reconnected on our passion around independent film distribution. After a year of conversations in…

January 2020

Distribution Advocates works to collectively reclaim power for independent storytelling creators in the current systems of film/video distribution and…